God’s Plan(et) is an initiative of Catholic Climate Covenant

Archdiocese of Newark Laudato Si’ Action Plan

This Action Plan contains a menu of options that parishes and parishioners can take to start the difficult spiritual work of reversing the threat of global climate change and environmental degradation, and existing more sustainably in harmony with God’s creation. Because there is so much variety and diversity between parishes in terms of human and financial resources, the menu of options presented here are ranked easy, moderate, and advanced. Everyone is encouraged to go as far as they can in implementing Laudato Si’. More importantly, all Catholics are urged by Pope Francis to seek the change of heart that is required to make these actions part of their daily lives.

This Action Plan also provides links to other resources that pastoral staff and parishioners can access to learn more and carry out the actions they select. The links consist of web pages where Catholics can drill deeper into each topic, such as finding out how to get an energy audit for your parish or home; calculating your family’s carbon footprint; learning about native plants for your parish or home garden, or how to generate support for national policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.