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Families, here’s what you need to enroll in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform

Families and Individuals Families and IndividualsAugust 23, 2023

By Daniel Burke, Catholic Climate Covenant Writer

So you’ve decided to enroll your family in the Laudato Si’ Action Platform (LSAP/”the Platform.”) That’s a fantastic way to show your family’s commitment to protecting God’s Creation at this especially urgent moment. So, first of all, thank you! 

Once you arrive to the Platform, the enrollment form includes self-assessment (see preview HERE) of how your family flies, uses gas, eats meat, uses energy, banks sustainably, divests from ecologically harmful industries or responds to the cries of the poor – all of which are integral parts of the Action Platform. If this all sounds like a lot or you aren’t sure if your family does any this, no worries! That is the point!

The self-assessment is just a tool to help establish a baseline of where you are in the seven-year Laudato Si’ journey. It’s fine if you haven’t done many of the actions. And no need to worry that the journey will ask for a huge commitment. Youwill decide what your seven-year journey will look like and what actions you are willing or able to accomplish.

We found it helpful to have a few pieces of information at hand when you’re ready to complete the self-assessment and enroll in the LSAP. To date, it’s not possible to save a draft — so gathering these details beforehand may save you from having to start over from scratch while digging for information. 

Happy sustainability journey families!

Here are some pieces of information you’ll need to fill out the self-assessment:


  • How many kilowatt hours of electricity your family used in the last 12 months
  • Does your electricity provider allow you to choose renewable energy? 
  • If you have installed solar panels that produce electricity (also called photovoltaic panels) or wind turbines at your home, what percentage of your electricity use do they cover? 
  • If you have planted trees during the past year, how many? 
  • To protect biodiversity, some families pursue a conservation scheme to protect the land they own. Have you pursued a conservation scheme? If so, approximately how much land did you conserve?
  • In the last 12 months, how have you taken action to respond to the cry of the poor? (Examples include: organizing educational events to protect all life, promoting and protecting Indigenous stewardship of creation or providing water and sanitation services.)
  • In the last 12 months, have you taken action to protect all life? (Examples include: organizing educational workshops, participating in public events, or promoting materials that illustrate the connection between ecological issues and the protection of life.)
  • Have you identified how the planetary crisis is affecting social issues (such as hunger, forced migration, or respiratory illnesses) in your area? If you answer YES: What local challenges are connected with the planetary crisis? 
  • In the last 12 months, have you taken action to institute ecological economics? (Examples include supporting the circular economy or developing sustainable purchasing standards.) 
  • If you have investments, have you divested from fossil fuels, weapons, and other investments that harm creation and human ecology? 

  • Have you chosen a banking company that has clear ethical and social standards?
  • Have you chosen an insurance company that has clear ethical and social standards? 
  • Have you developed a structured process to reduce your use of heating and air conditioning? 
  • Do you know the amount of water you used in the last 12 months?  

  • Roughly speaking, how much do you spend on fuel for your family vehicles each month?
  • How many air flights did you purchase in the last 12 months?
  • Roughly speaking, how many servings of meat such as chicken, turkey, beef, pork, or fish are eaten by your household per week?

Finally, please let us know about your experiences as you fill out the form and participate in the LSAP. We’d love to keep in touch and know about anything that could be improved. Send us a note at: info@cathclimate.wpengine.com

Once again, thank you and your family for doing your part to protect God’s blessed Creation. 

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