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Look at the Birds of the Air: Jesus and the Natural World


Jun 19 2024


Every Wednesday June 5th-26th
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Four Week Online  Series (Wednesdays, June 5th-26th 6:30-8:30 pm)
Join Bernadette Rudolph at Cranaleith Spiritual Retreat Center and explore the gospels to see how Jesus uses the natural world to stir up hope in the hopeless.
(For full information go to: https://cranaleith.org/retreats-spiritual-programs/1568/look-at-the-birds-of-the-air-jesus-and-the-natural-world-week-1-jesus-uses-nature-to-create-hope/

Throughout the gospels, Jesus uses the natural world to stir up hope in the hopeless.  Light shines in darkness.  Seeds and yeast grow without our efforts, grow beyond our dreams.  Yet, Jesus knows true hope is never passive: he calls disciples to be plants as well as gardeners.  He makes it clear that they must bear good fruit and be salt that has flavor.  Will we see holes in the ground as tombs or plantings?  Will stones be used for killing or for stable foundations?  Explore how Nature encourages a hopeful spiritual outlook.

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Click on each link below if you would like to register for individual sessions:
Week 1:  Jesus Uses Nature to Create Hope
Week 2:  Jesus Uses Nature to Elicit Awe)
Week 3: Jesus Uses Nature to Make Apparent God’s Merciful and Abundant Love
Week 4: Jesus Uses Nature to Explain Salvation

Cost $100.00 for 4-week series

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