Diocesan Action Plans

Diocese of San Diego Laudato Si' Action Plan

The Creation Care Ministry of the Diocese of San Diego, working in collaboration with Bishop McElroy, developed a Diocesan Climate Action Plan. The plan provides fact-based information about the existential threat climate change poses to all life; gives moral and spiritual reasons to act; and provides practical steps individuals, families and communities can implement.

The Diocesan plan will work in tandem with the Vatican’s Action Platform, to be formally launched in October 2021.

Archdiocese of Atlanta Laudato Si' Action Plan

The Archdiocese of Atlanta's “Laudato Si’ Action Plan,” authored by University of Georgia professors and staff, contains a variety of options for parishes and parishioners to help reverse the threat of global climate change and environmental degradation, and create a more sustainable world in harmony with God. As Catholics, we are urged by Pope Francis to seek the change of heart that is required to make these actions part of our daily lives.