Archdiocese of Chicago Laudato Si’ gardens growing

Archdiocese of Chicago Laudato Si’ gardens growing.

The Pastoral Migratoria office in the Archdiocese of Chicago celebrated the blessing of the garden at St. Mary of Czestochowa’s social center vegetable garden on May 24th, where more than 30 people from different organizations and parishes attended. They thanked all the volunteers and organizations who offered their time, effort, and donations: Catholic Climate Covenant, University of Illinois Extension, Archdiocese of Chicago Laudato Si’ Committee, Catholic Charities, Ascension Parish Garden Committee, Peace and Justice Committee, Pastoral Migratoria, Southwest Cluster, Ascension Knights of Columbus, Chicago Botanic Garden, and St. Mary of Czestochowa Garden Committee and Volunteers. “We are responding to God’s call to take care of the Earth and hear the cry of the poor by teaching them sustainability and donating produce to food pantries in the area. At the same time, we are practicing our rights to grow our own produce. We will promote solidarity with each other by working together for the needs of the church as members of one body of Christ. In addition, the children in our community will learn to respect, care and protect God’s creation,” said Maria Dolores Huguet Gonzalez of Pastoral Migratoria.