Past Encounter Campaign Events/Actions

For Catholic Institutions: Sign an Open Letter to Congress! 

​Join Catholic Support for Congressional Climate Action: Sign your Catholic institution onto this open letter to all members of Congress!

Pope Francis and many Catholic Church leaders support legislative efforts that reflect our moral call to care for creation and desire to address climate change, for the common good and our common future. As people of hope, we continue to pray and ask in faith, that the U.S. Congress will still act for our climate.  

Will you consider signing your institution onto this letter to all members of Congress, thus joining a shared call across the U.S. Catholic community? We ask for institutional endorsements until August 8th, after which time we will deliver to the members of Congress.

Campaign Action Alert

Send a message to your U.S. Senators as part of the Encounter Campaign! Learn more and send a message now!

Campaign Blog: Summary of Events and Next Steps!

​Blog: "Answering "What Can I Do?"

(Phase 1 was held May 2-6, 2022 but the campaign continues: During the weeks before we provided education, training, and accompaniment for participants.)

Recorded Campaign Events

(RECORDING) Webinar #1: Faith and Reason (What is our Why?)

Tuesday, April 12, 1 p.m. Eastern (Recording and other resources available here)
At the first dialogue, we walk through how our Catholic faith leads us to this historic campaign, answering questions about the purpose of faith-based advocacy, the need for climate action, and how our Catholic voices can cultivate a “culture of encounter”.  

  1. Why are advocacy and care for creation integral aspects of our faith?  
  2. Why do we need to ask their Senators to act on climate now?  
  3. Why are our Catholic voices so important? Why are we using the word “encounter”?  

(RECORDING) Webinar #2: The Legislative Encounter (The What and How)

Tuesday, April 19, 1 pm ET  (Recording and other resources available here)
After celebrating Easter, we heard from active advocates about the specific “asks” in this campaign and the purpose of our “encounter” model. We will also walk through best practices for our legislative meetings taking place May 2-6! This webinar will serve as a final opportunity to join the campaign and put your faith in action to save our common home! 
    1.    What's the ask and why now?  
    2.    Why infuse legislative visits with a culture of encounter?  
    3.    What is the roadmap of a successful encounter?  
    4.    Why are we using tailored approaches for different Senators? 
    5.    How can we leverage social media for results?