Maryknoll Affiliates LSAP Goals Worksheets

For Families, Couples, and Individuals

Courtesy of Maryknoll Affiliates, the resources below were created and compiled to help you in your personal (and family/household) progress meeting the seven action goals of Laudato Si'.

Praised Be You, My Lord…How can I help to build your kingdom?

Did you know that Pope Francis has asked all Catholics, and all Catholic organizations, at all levels across the globe, to begin their own 7-Year Laudato Si’ journey? 

  • Year 1:  The first year, discernment, reflection and planning.
  • Year 2 – 6: Implementation
  • Year 7: Sabbath year, celebration and reflection (will come sooner than you think)

The goal is to transform our lives toward environmental sustainability, in the spirit of Laudato Si’.

Join us this year!  Beginning in September 2022, the Maryknoll Affiliates LS Working Group will build and issue a new worksheet each month to address each of the 7 goals of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform (LSAP). 

As each worksheet becomes available, download and print it.  Read through it and look at the suggested resources for learning.  Talk about it with the other members of your household, choose actions and commit to them.  By March 2023, you will have built a plan to cooperate with God for the care of His Creation, a plan that you can implement over the following six years.  Join us now, we’re waiting for you!

Do you have questions or suggestions for improvement of these resources?  Write to us at or check the Maryknoll Affiliates website at

“Praise and bless my Lord, and give Him thanks, and serve Him with great humility.” 
St Francis of Assisi, Canticle of Creation

LSAP Goals Worksheets and Supporting Resources

(Please note that we are experiencing issues with the links below. For now, please access all of the resources here:

Goal #1 – Respond to the Cry of the Earth (September 2022)

Goal #2 Respond to the Cry of the Poor (October 2022)

Goal #3 – Economic Ecologies (November 2022)

  • Worksheet for LSAP Goal #3 (What you can do)

  • Supporting Resources:

              1) Visuals for Goal #3 (helpful images)
             2) Divestment letter to any Catholic org (word doc)
             3) Divestment letter to bank/institution (word doc)
             4) Laudato Si Investing Reflection Guide (for individuals)
             5) Scripture/prayer for LS Goal #3

Goal #4 – Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles (December 2022)

              1) Visuals for Goal #4 (helpful images)
             2) Mercy Meatless Mondays
             3) Seafood Watch Guide (English) and Seafood Watch Guide (Spanish)
             4) Home Composting Guide (English) and Home Composting Guide (Sp.)
             5) Scripture and Prayer to Accompany Goal #4

Goal #5 – Ecological Education (January 2023)

Goal #6 – Ecological Spirituality (February 2023)

Goal #7 – Community Resilience and Empowerment

               1) Visuals for Goal #7 (helpful images)
               2) Living Our Vocation as Stewards, California Catholic Bishops (pgs 14-25)
               3) Vivir Nuestras Vocaciones Ecológicas, Obispos Católicos
de California
                   (pgs 15-27)
               4) Scriptures and Prayers Goal #7