The Climate Action Letter for Catholic Institutions

Send a message to U.S. political leaders: An appeal from U.S. Catholic institutions to work together to boldly protect our common home and our future

We invite your institution to join hundreds of others across the country to send a faith-filled letter from the U.S. Catholic community to President Biden and the U.S. Congress, to work beyond partisanship and create climate solutions that will build a better future for present and future generations and our common home. 

This Catholic institutional letter is in solidarity with thousands of Catholic individuals signing a shorter, related Catholic Climate Action Petition. We will deliver these united messages during Season of Creation, faithfully hoping and praying that they will move the needle of the nation’s moral compass toward the bold and ambitious solutions the nation and world need to address the climate crisis.

Note: Signatures will be accepted through November 15, 2021.

Sign the Letter

Sign the Catholic Letter for U.S. climate action, on behalf of a Catholic institution

Excerpt from the Catholic letter:

… “As Catholic institutions, organizations, communities, and individuals in the United States, we recognize global climate change as an urgent moral issue that threatens the life and dignity of present and future generations, adds to the hardships already experienced by the poorest and most vulnerable people domestically and abroad, and degrades Earth, our common home.”  Read the full letter.

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